Fact Sheet

Developer: Griot Studios and Amateur Heads Production

Available on:  Apple store and Google Play store

Early Release Date: September 30th 2021 

Price: Free

Game Launch: March 20th 2022

Contact: developer@griotstudios.org


Jaru’s Journey is a fun, 2D platformer, epic adventure game, inspired by the African tradition of storytelling through art, music and play. In the game you play Jaru, a young apprentice whose village has been destroyed by a horde of otherworldly creatures warriors called the Xantis – inhuman forces sent to wreak havoc by the evil council of elders. The elders were once good, and kind but they have lost their way. They have desecrated the temples and stolen the Huturus, mystical entities that bring peace, prosperity and harmony to the land.

Your quest is to get the Huturus back, and it will take all the skill you can muster.

You will need to defeat the Xanti and outwit the Elders, who would do whatever it takes to stop you from your mission.

 Travel through the five villages of Izura and make friends and allies to help you on your journey. 

In collaboration with Amateur Heads Productions, Jarus Journey was developed by Griot Studios, a multimedia company that’s founded on storytelling through animation, interactive games, narrative fiction and documentary.

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  • Jaru’s Journey has amassed over +3000 downloads on Google Play and the App Store, with an active install base of over 1000 players worldwide, maintaining a rating of 5 stars with very positive reviews on the app stores.
  • Since the game’s launch in Abuja on the 20th of March 2022, It’s been showcased at the Black Unity Comic event in Abuja, which was dedicated to using art to advance peace, to a crowd of over 500 guests in June 2022. 
  • Jaru’s Journey was showcased to over 6000 attendees at the Lagos Comic Convention, Africa’s largest geek and pop culture marketplace. Our exhibition featured a board game based on Jaru’s Journey and a live performance inspired by characters from the game.